Master Class  by Fernando Zicarelli


The Printed Electronics Industry continues to look for Sub-25 micron features for the manufacturing of Printed Devices.  Advanced Screen Printing Technology from Asada Mesh will enable Customers Worldwide access to such technology.

The 3 videos will cover Basic Terminology, the proper way to select the Best Screen for your Application, and the most advanced Tips and Suggestions to help achieve the best results.

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Team mate Fernando
Mr. Fernando Zicarelli

Job Title:            

                         North America’s Business Manager

Organization:             Asada Mesh co., Ltd.


Fernando is a 30 year Technical Expert in the areas of Screen Manufacturing and Screen Printing Microelectronics. BS in Manufacturing Engineering and AS in Electronics Engineering. Worked in Research + Development as well as Manufacturing Industry. Familiar with all Additive Processes used in the Printed Electronics Market.