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PD-&TD-Filtermedia have a unique structure where weft wires are woven at high density without any gaps between them. It is durable for high pressure and preferably used for separation such as a filtration centrifuge, a strainer and dehydration. The highest mesh count is 4860 and the official filtration precision is 3 microns.

High Quality
1st & 2nd Generation
Meshes BS & MS


Since 1940

Manufacture of various types of woven wire mesh & its processed products for screen printing, filtering, sieving and electro-magnetic radiation shielding applications, etc.


Strict quality management

High standards of quality control with strict adherence to the customer expectations is, in fact, the pride of Asada Mesh. We have built a Total Quality Control management system. In terms of raw material, which is fundamental in achieving the right grade, we have worked together with our suppliers to develop wire materials with the highest quality. In the manufacturing processes, while sustaining a quality control mentality in each and every associate, we have also introduced various types of testing devices. Finally, we also pay the high attention to our manufacturing facilities and the packaging of the product to be shipped around the world.

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