Online Short Pitch  by Fernando Zicarelli

Within its second on-line event in 2022, the Platform TechBlick, on March, 9th-10th, will cover the themes of:

Printed, Hybrid, InMold and 3D Printed Electronics 

Among this conferences, we would like to pick the short pitch by Fernando Zicarelli, our North America Business Manager at Asada Mesh, sharing in only 5 minutes the most important points to bear in mind when attempting to Screen Print Sub30 micron features.

It is a very condensed presentation of conclusions of years of research in collaboration with other industry partners, under a continious effort to push forward the performance limits on the mind of technologist about the posibilities offered by the screen printing technology.    

For futher details you can contact our speaker on the mail account referred below or check on our training page for more extended video presentations on this subjects..  

      Abstract of the conference:

This only 5 minutes pitch condensate the main tips to bear in mind when trying to use Screen Printing techniques to achieve Sub 30 micron features of the design pattern. Proper screens built on fine meshes suitably treated and high resolution photosensitive emulsions, Proper substrats also electrochemically surface-treated, and  other proper tooling and consumables, like squeegees, are the key elements to have under control for the right Advanced Screen Printing setting. Needless to say that, the right paste to achive the functionality and the high performance on the printing process are also required.

Team mate Fernando
Mr. Fernando Zicarelli

Job Title:            

                      North America’s Business Manager

Organization:             Asada Mesh co., Ltd.


Fernando is a 30 year Technical Expert in the areas of Screen Manufacturing and Screen Printing Microelectronics. BS in Manufacturing Engineering and AS in Electronics Engineering. Worked in Research + Development as well as Manufacturing Industry. Familiar with all Additive Processes used in the Printed Electronics Market.