Online Conference  by Jeff Campbell

Within its second on-line event in 2022, the Platform TechBlick, on March, 9th-10th, will cover the themes of:

Printed, Hybrid, InMold and 3D Electronics

Among this conferences, we would like to pick the presentation by Jeff Campbell of Sefar US with a retrospective of their latest achievements in the recent years on the most advanced screen making technology

In collaboration with other industry partners,  Sefar Inc. results has been selected among other leading companies to be introduced to the TechBlick audience on March, 10th   

During the event, Sefar Corp. was also offering within its virtual booth, advise about its mesh  and Asada Mesh products to any members or guests to the platform coming to visit the booth. From this page, we are also happy to take your consultations even when the refered event of TechBlick is over.  

      Abstract of the conference:

In collaboration with a extended group of partners Sefar US has undergone in recent years an effort to push futher the advancement of Screen Printing in highly specialized field of Printed and Hybrid Electronics. Their goal has been to attempt finer and finer features resolved in photosensitive emulsion exposed and developed after coated in stretched panels of different very fine mesh products of their brand in combination with stainless steel wire mesh from Asada Mesh.

It will be shared the results measured on screens and final printed features with Silver Paste in challenging PET film surfaces.

Mr. Jeff Campbell

Job Title:            

               National Sales Manager – Fabrication

Organization:             SEFAR USA


Jeff has a Master’s in Business from Northern Illinois University.  He began in the screen printing industry 24 years ago in 1998.  He has worked for 4 different groups in that time.  For the last 10 years Jeff has been working for Sefar US.  A Swiss manufacturer of screen printing fabric and screens.  Jeff is the National Sales Manager of the Screen Fabricating division making plug and play screens for the printed electronic industry.  Jeff has helped to push the technology forward and now provides screens to customers with features as small as 10 microns.