Online Conference  by Fernando Zicarelli

Within its fifth on-line event in 2021, the Platform TechBlick, on October, 13th-14th, will cover three overlapping themes:

(1)Wearable Sensors & Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring,
(2)Electronic Textiles & Skin Patches, and
(3) Printed Sensors & Actuators.

On this last track of conferences, the study undergone by Fernando Zicarrelli, in representation of Asada Mesh co., Ltd. and in collaboration with other industry partners, has been handpicked among other leading companies to be introduced to the TechBlick audience on October, 14th @ 15:50 CET  

During the event, Asada Mesh co., Ltd. will be also offering within its virtual booth, advise about its mesh products to any members or guests to the platform coming to visit the booth. Members of the Technical Sales team and the International Service Support of the firm will be avaliable through the 13th and 14th for your consultations.   

      Abstract of the conference:

This initial study compared Print Resolution, Adhesion and Electrical Resistance of different PET substrate manufacturers. We looked at how each company applies their surface treatment and how it impacts the aforementioned variables.

It will be shared the results of the recent study focused on Silver Paste spread during Screen Printing.  

Team mate Fernando
Mr. Fernando Zicarelli

Job Title:            

                         North America’s Business Manager

Organization:             Asada Mesh co., Ltd.


Fernando is a 30 year Technical Expert in the areas of Screen Manufacturing and Screen Printing Microelectronics. BS in Manufacturing Engineering and AS in Electronics Engineering. Worked in Research + Development as well as Manufacturing Industry. Familiar with all Additive Processes used in the Printed Electronics Market.