2022, June 9th &10th  From 8:30 to 13:30 CST (in America) 


Asada Mesh Co., Ltd. has hosted the 7th Advanced Screen Printing Workshop, SPF2022, at Chicago Botanic Gardens, Glencoe, IL on two consecutive dates, the 9th  and the 10th of June.

The latest news, applications and developments based in Screen Printing techniques, as well as, novelties in Functional and Conductive Inks, Flexible substrates, Screens, Emulsions, Squeegees and Asada´s latest Stainless Steel Meshes will be shared by our distinguished Speakers.


Mr. Asada Hideaki

Job Title                        President

Organization:     Asada Mesh co., Ltd.

Welcome Remarks to the 2022 SPF edition


Dr. Khasha Ghaffarzadeh

    Job Title        CEO and Founder

Organization            TechBlick 

“Printed Electronics: Emerging technologies to print nano to micron sized

Dr. Erika Rebrosova

    Job Title   

                       Global Manager EM

Organization     Sun Chemical Corp.

“Functional Materials for Screen Printing of Sub-50um Transparent Metal
Mesh for Capacitive Touch Applications”

Dr. Panayotis Cocolios

Job Title        

              Senior Scientific & Technical Advisor

Organization:     NORCOP SAS

“Industrial Production of Atmospheric Plasma Surface Nano-Coatings for
Thin-Line Printed Electronics”

Mr. Keiji Arai

Job Title            Technical Sales Department

Organization:    Asada Mesh co., Ltd.

“Dream Mesh for Future Screen Printing Applications – HSD Series ”

Sebastian Gepp
Mr. Sebastian Gepp

Job Title              Head of PE Development

Organization:    Kundisch GmbH & Co. KG

“Fineline conductive printing in S2S production”

Mr. Art Dobie

Job Title      Screen Print Technology Expert

Organization:        Chromaline Corp.

“PET Substrate Influence on High Aspect Ratio, Single Print Conductive Ink Deposition for High Tolerance Line Width Applications”

Mr. Jeff Campbell

Job Title          Manager of Screen Division

Organization:        Sefar US       

“Screen Making for Fine Line Conductive Printing”

Mr. Jeff Campbell

Job Title          Manager of Screen Division

Organization:        Sefar US       

“Screen Making for Fine Line Conductive Printing”Squeegee Technology to further the advancement of Printed Electronics

Mr. Dave Dennings

Job Title               Technical Expert

Organization:       KISSEL +WOLF

“State of Technology in Highest Resolution Photo Emulsions – Pushing the boundaries of screen printing toward 10 micron printed lines ”


Dr. Julie Ferrigno

Job Title              R&D Engineer

Organization:      E2ip Technologies

“Methods and Applications for Fine Line Printing Under 40 microns ”