2021, April 1st @13:00  (GMT-4)


The aim of these experiment is to test the best possible optimization of the reproduction of the finest line structures (30 µm – 20 µm) for printed electronics. The important components of the stencil making (Asada Mesh, KIWO Emulsion + Release Agent) as well as conductive paste (SunChemical) and substrates (Ikonics) for printing are included. The focus of these tests is the release behavior, which is to be improved by the release agent treatment of the stencil surface (printing channel).  In the 1st phase, we looked at the Electrical performance of normal PE conductive line widths (40-60 micron lines)Now, we will review the effect on finer features, this time between 20-40 micron lines.

Mr. Andreas Künkele

Job Title:            

 Head of the Applications Laboratory Screen and Textile Printing

Organization:                 KISSEL +WOLF


Andreas is currently Head of the Applications Laboratory Screen and Textile Printing for the company Kissel + Wolf GmbH in Germany.  He has the duties of Screen-Printing Technician and Field Service and Technical Sales in Europe.  In 2004, he graduated with a Professional Business Economist Training Certificate at the Karlsruhe Chamber of Trade.  In 2003, he was promoted to Team Leader of the Screen-Printing Department Surface Technology, Schroff GmbH (Pentair Group).  In 2002, he obtained a Professional Training Certificate as Screen Printing Master from the Chamber of Crafts Rhein Main.  In 1992, he began his Technical Training as a Screen Printer at SGE Engelberg.