2021, April 8th @13:00  (GMT-4)


On behalf of  Sefar US, Mr. Jeff Campbell will bring the latest update on the tests conducted with Asada Meshes for Ultra Fine line Screen Manufacturing. These tests will reveal that Sub-25 micron features are possible with several mesh, emulsion

And on behalf of SCP Systems, Dr. Sergiu Pop will offer an update on Non-invasive corrosion testing methods for PV and flexible electronics which have been done in collaboration with Livermore Labs.

Mr. Jeff Campbell

Job Title 

     National Sales Manager  – Fabrication

Organization:          Sefar USA

Dr. Sergiu Pop

Job Title:           

                           Principal Consultant

Organization:          SCP Systems


Jeff Campbell has a masters in business from Northern Illinois University.
He began in the screen printing industry 23 years ago in 1998. He has worked for 4 different groups in that time.
For the last 10 years Jeff has been working for Sefar, a Swiss manufacturer of screen printing fabric and screens.

Jeff is National Sales Manager of the Screen Fabricating division making plug and play screens for the printed electronic industry.

Jeff has helped to push the technology forward and now provides screens to customers with features as small as 10 microns.


Sergiu Pop has over 17 years of experience in PV R&D and senior consulting. Dr. Pop worked more than six years as a research engineer for GE Energy where he achieved extensive experience in the improvement of solar cell efficiency and the development of new materials and technologies through several research, technology transfer, and lean six sigma projects. Dr. Pop had a research lead position with Yingli Green Energy Americas Inc. for over five years where he worked on projects in collaboration with several companies focused on technology development. Currently he holds a position as Principal Consultant with SCP Systems, a PV and flexible electronics R&D company based in San Francisco Bay where he is running projects in collaboration with various companies and research institutions. Dr. Pop holds a Masters and a PhD in Physics.