2020, December 10th @13:00 (GMT-4)


      Screen printed silver conductive traces have continued their path toward finer and finer line widths. New applications in flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) now require smaller and denser circuitry and/or transparency. Various development groups within FHE field are now targeting line widths below 150 um and some as low as 20um. Recently, there has been advancements made in silver PTF inks formulations, our newest generation of fine line silver ink can deliver <10 mOhms/sq/mil. Conductive ink is only one variable in development of fine line printing capability and it is becoming clear that understanding and optimization of the process parameters is very important in achieving reliable and predictable performance of silver traces. This presentation with cover initial results of the study that was performed in collaboration between Sun Chemical, Asada Mesh, Sefar and KIWO. In the first phase of the study, we looked at how screen preparation and selected screen printing process parameters affect to electrical performance of silver PTF ink on PET substrates.

Speaker: Dr. Erika Rebrosova

Job Title: 

Global Electronic Materials Technology Manager

Company Name:                 Sun Chemical Corp.

Erika Rebrosova is the Global Electronic Materials Technology Manager at Sun Chemical Corp. She is responsible for leading new product development and product support for electronic materials customers throughout the world. Erika has been involved in printed electronics field for over 13 years. She received her Doctorate degree at Western Michigan University, where she worked closely with industrial partners as a research faculty member of the Center for Advancement of Printed Electronics.