2020, October 8th @13:00 (GMT-4)
     This presentation will be on the evolution of squeegee technology in the printed electronics industry. We will discuss the different types and styles of squeegee that are popular in the industry currently as well as the advancements that have taken place to allow for better print quality.  We will discuss how angle, hardness shape and size all impact your print results.
We will also tackle frequent issues that printers face that relate to squeegee selection and use.    
Speaker: Mr. Jeff Campbell

National Sales Manager - Fabrication @ Sefar USA

Jeff has a masters in business from Northern Illinois University.
He began in the screen printing industry 22 years ago in 1998.  He has worked for 4 different groups in that time. For the last 9 years Jeff has been working for Sefar, a Swiss manufacturer of screen printing fabric and screens.

Jeff is National Sales Manager of the Screen Fabricating division making plug and play screens for the printed electronic industry. 

Jeff has helped to push the technology forward and now provides screens to customers with features as small as 10 microns.